How to Fill the Blank Page: Advice from Jonathan Franzen, Margaret Atwood, David Mitchell & 5 Other Authors

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A couple months ago we featured a video of eight writers on how to face the blank page produced by Denmark’s Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. (And if you should ever find yourself in Copenhagen with time for a bit of a train ride, I do recommend a visit to the museum itself.


Sci-Fi Icon Robert Heinlein Lists 5 Essential Rules for Making a Living as a Writer

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So you want to be a writer? Good, you’ll find plenty of advice from the best here at Open Culture. Oh, you want to be a science fiction writer? The great Ursula K. Le Guin has offered readers a wealth of writing advice, though she won’t tell us “how to sell a ship, but how to sail one.


Akira Kurosawa’s Advice to Aspiring Filmmakers: Write, Write, Write and Read

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We should all learn from the best, and in the domain of cinema, that means studying under masters like Akira Kurosawa.


Jorge Luis Borges Creates a List of 16 Ironic Rules for Writing Fiction

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“Jorge Luis Borges 1951, by Grete Stern” via Wikimedia Commons.
When we first read the work of Jorge Luis Borges, we may wish to write like him. When we soon discover that nobody but Borges can write like Borges, we may wish instead that we could have collaborated with him.


New Archive Presents The Chicagoan, Chicago’s Jazz-Age Answer to The New Yorker (1926 to 1935)

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Chicago’s famed “second city complex” didn’t spring from organic feelings of inferiority, but rather from the poisonous pen of visiting New Yorker writer, A.J.


8 Writers on How to Face Writer’s Block and the Blank Page: Margaret Atwood, Jonathan Franzen, Joyce Carol Oates & More

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For those who write for a living, the issue of writer’s block doesn’t come up as often as television and movies may have others believe. Sure, there’s plenty of times where the words don’t flow like they should. Or a writer may find they’ve written drivel and start again. Or the beginning proves elusive.


In the Only Surviving Recording of Her Voice, Virginia Woolf Explains Why Writing Isn’t a “Craft” (1937)

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The literary voice of Virginia Woolf comes to us from a life lived fully in the service of literature, a life devoted, we might say, to the “craft of writing.” That earnest expression gets tossed around innocently enough in various grammatical forms.


Stephen King on the Magic Moment When a Young Writer Reads a Published Book and Says: “This Sucks. I Can Do Better.”

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Go to a bookstore.
Tell the clerk you’re an aspiring writer.
You’ll be directed to a shelf—possibly an entire section—brimming with prompts, exercises, formulae, and Jedi mind tricks. Round out your purchase with a journal, a fancy pen, or an inspirational quote in bookmark form.


How to Jumpstart Your Creative Process with William S. Burroughs’ Cut-Up Technique

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The inner critic creates writer’s block and stifles adventurous writing, hems it in with safe clichés and overthinking.


Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing & The Social Network) to Teach Online Course on Screenwriting This Summer

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Sports Night, The West Wing, The American President, The Social Network — hardly shameful items to appear on anyone’s résumé.


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