20-Year-Old Louis CK Performs Stand Up (1987)

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Ever been taken aback by a vintage photo of a Facebook friend? “Look how young he was! An infant!” If you’re a member of comedian Louis CK’s generation, it’s likely that at some point, the person in the photo was you.
Louis model 1987, above, is close to unrecognizable, with a full head of red hair and a trim belly.


The Origins of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk: Vintage Footage of Cab Calloway, Sammy Davis Jr., Fred Astaire & More

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Michael Jackson took one giant leap for pop history on March 25, 1983 when he gave an adoring public their first taste of his signature moonwalk in honor of Motown Records’ 25th birthday. (See below)
Novelty-wise, it wasn’t quite a Neil Armstrong moment. Like many artists, Jackson had many precedents from which he could and did draw.


Vintage Films Revisits Literary Scene of 1920s New York, with Clips of Sinclair Lewis, Willa Cather, H.L. Mencken & Other Icons

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When young artists, be they writers, painters, or musicians, aim to strike it big, they invariably choose to move to New York.


Musical Comedian Reggie Watts Reinvents Van Halen’s Classic, “Panama”

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Jump back, what’s that sound? Oh, it’s just Reggie Watts covering Van Halen‘s 1984 cock rock anthem, Panama, in a crazy-ass golf sweater. Carry on.


The History of Typography Told in Five Animated Minutes

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Caslon, Baskerville, Helvetica… these names have graced many a pull down menu, but what do they signify, exactly?
Graphic designer Ben Barrett-Forrest spent 140 hours animating the 291 paper letters on display in the History of Typography, an introduction to the ways in which language has been expressed visually over time.


Watch Them Watch Us: A History of Breaking the “Fourth Wall” in Film

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Remember that scene in Nashville, when Keith Carradine sings “I’m Easy,” and every woman in the club thinks he’s speaking directly to her?
Breaking the fourth wall—also known as direct address—can have the same effect on a filmgoing audience. The compilation video above makes it clear that actors love it too.


Steel-Willed Hand Balancer Jaakko Tenhunen Explains Why Effort Brings the Most Satisfaction

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Few of us possess the physical strength and even steelier will to follow in the handprints of professional balancer Jaakko Tenhunen, but most of us have other projects that could benefit from the sort of relentless determination he brings to his work.


100 Metropolitan Museum Curators Talk About 100 Works of Art That Changed How They See the World

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Which best describes your museum-going experience? Inspiration and spiritual refreshment? Or a soul crushing attempt to fight your way past the hoards there for the latest blockbuster exhibit, with a too-heavy bag and a whining, foot sore companion in tow?
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to lose yourself in contemplation of a single work? What


Norwegian Musician Creates Ice Instruments with a Chain Saw and Sub-Zero Weather

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Most professional musicians have a very special relationship with their instruments. Male guitarists treat their favorite guitars like girlfriends—maybe better in some cases. Traveling cellists buy airline tickets for instruments. It’s just too risky to put your livelihood in cargo.


The Art of Illustration: Four Illustrators Introduce You to the Awe-Inspiring State of Their Art

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Contemplative types used to losing themselves in an image may wish to have a motion sickness bag on hand when viewing The Art of Illustration, the latest entry in Off Book, a PBS web series exploring cutting edge art and internet culture.


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