Download 422 Free Art Books from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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You could pay $118 on Amazon for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s catalog The Art of Illumination: The Limbourg Brothers and the Belles Heures of Jean de France, Duc de Berry.


Umberto Eco’s How To Write a Thesis: A Witty, Irreverent & Highly Practical Guide Now Out in English

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Image by Università Reggio Calabria, released under a C BY-SA 3.0 license.
In general, the how-to book—whether on beekeeping, piano-playing, or wilderness survival—is a dubious object, always running the risk of boring readers into despairing apathy or hopelessly perplexing them with complexity.


The Books Samuel Beckett Read and Really Liked (1941-1956)

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Samuel Beckett, Pic, 1″ by Roger Pic. Via Wikimedia Commons
Clad in a black turtleneck and with a shock of white hair, Samuel Beckett was a gaunt, gloomy high priest of modernism.


The Story of Lorem Ipsum: How Scrambled Text by Cicero Became the Standard For Typesetters Everywhere

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Image via The Digital Fishbowl
In high school, the language I most fell in love with happened to be a dead one: Latin. Sure, it’s spoken at the Vatican, and when I first began to study the tongue of Virgil and Catullus, friends joked that I could only use it if I moved to Rome.


74 Essential Books for Your Personal Library: A List Curated by Female Creatives

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Public domain image originally taken by George Charles Beresford.


Jorge Luis Borges Selects 74 Books for Your Personal Library

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“Jorge Luis Borges 1951, by Grete Stern” by Grete Stern (1904-1999). Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.
Jorge Luis Borges’ terse, mind-expanding stories reshaped modern fiction.


Weapons of Mass Instruction: Watch a 1979 Ford Falcon Get Converted in a Tank Armored with 900 Free Books

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He has a wild look in his eyes, but a beautiful idea in his mind. Meet Raul Lemesoff, an eccentric character from Buenos Aires, who takes old cars and turns them into “militaristic bibliothecas” that drive the streets of Argentina, giving free books to those who want them.


Artist Takes Old Books and Gives Them New Life as Intricate Sculptures

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New York-based artist Brian Dettmer cuts into old books with X-ACTO knives and turns them into remixed works of art. Speaking at TED Youth last November, he told the audience, “I think of my work as sort of a remix …. because I’m working with somebody else’s material in the same way that a D.J.


What Books Could Be Used to Rebuild Civilization?: Lists by Brian Eno, Stewart Brand, Kevin Kelly & Other Forward-Thinking Minds

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One particularly distressing hallmark of late modernity can be characterized as a cultural loss of the future.


600+ Covers of Philip K. Dick Novels from Around the World: Greece, Japan, Poland & Beyond

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I envy book designers tasked with putting together covers for Philip K. Dick novels, and yet I don’t envy them.


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