Kurt Vonnegut Maps Out the Universal Shapes of Our Favorite Stories

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Imagine a hat. Flip it upside down, and you’ve got yourself the outline of a story the public will never weary of, according to author Kurt Vonnegut, who maps it on out a chalkboard in the video above.
His Y-axis charts a range between good and ill fortune.


Read Online Haruki Murakami’s New Essay on How a Baseball Game Launched His Writing Career

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For years, it was hard to come across Hear the Wind Sing and Pinball 1973, Haruki Murakami’s first and second novels, unless one wanted to pony up something between $250 and $400 at Amazon for their Kodansha English editions.


School Teachers Turn Old Lockers Into Literary Works of Art

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At Biloxi Junior High School, the teachers are spending their summer pretty productively. They’re taking an entire hallway lined with dull green (currently unused) lockers and they’re repainting each and everyone of them — 189 in total.


10 Rules for Writers by Etgar Keret, the Israeli Master of the Short and Strange

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Etgar Keret, above, is a best selling author and award-winning filmmaker with the soul of a teenage zine publisher. He’s a master of the strange and short who plays by his own rules.


Read the First Chapter of Harper Lee’s New Book, Then Hear It Read by Reese Witherspoon

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After much press and debate, Harper Lee’s new novel — a sequel of sorts to her beloved book, To Kill a Mockingbird — will be released on July 14th. You can pre-order Go Set a Watchman: A Novel (already #1 on Amazon’s bestseller list).


The 321 Books in David Foster Wallace’s Personal Library: From Blood Meridian to Confessions of an Unlikely Bodybuilder

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Not long after David Foster Wallace died, his fans found themselves with a new place of pilgrimage: not his tombstone, in the manner of a Jim Morrison or a Kurt Cobain, but his literary archives. You’ll find them at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin.


Neil Gaiman & Famous Friends Read Aloud the Entirety of Coraline (and The Graveyard Book Too)

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One of the many pleasures of hearing a children’s author reading his or her own work is their overwhelming lack of vocal sentiment. When my children were young, I always opted for the horse’s mouth, over the more histrionic characterizations of a hired narrator, regardless of what sitcom or Broadway play he or she may have starred in.


Download & Play The Shining Board Game

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Stephen King’s 1977 psychological horror novel The Shining has inspired several other works, most notably Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 film adaptation, a movie widely considered to have elevated King’s story of the possessed Overlook Hotel and its luckless winter caretakers, the Torrance family, to a higher artistic plane.


Books in the Films of Wes Anderson: A Supercut for Bibliophiles

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There’s something about Wes Anderson films that prompts people to get creative — to start creating their own video essays and supercuts exploring themes in Anderson’s whimsical movies. You can find a list below.
The latest comes from Luís Azevedo, founder of The A to Z Review.


Artist Turns 24-Volume Encyclopedia Britannica Set into a Beautifully Carved Landscape

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Not too long ago, an older relative tried to donate the Funk & Wagnalls encyclopedia he’d owned since boyhood to a local charity shop, but they refused to take it.
What an ignominious end to an institution that had followed him for seven decades and twice as many moves.


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