A Wonderfully Illustrated 1925 Japanese Edition of Aesop’s Fables by Legendary Children’s Book Illustrator Takeo Takei

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Most of us have internalized the content of a fair few of Aesop’s fables but have long since forgotten the source — if, indeed, we read it close to the source in the first place.


David Byrne’s Personal Lending Library Is Now Open: 250 Books Ready to Be Checked Out

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Just yesterday we were musing on perusing rock stars’ bookshelves, and today we learn it has become a reality, if you live in London.


Michael Stipe Recommends 10 Books for Anyone Marooned on a Desert Island

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Image by David Shankbone
Michael Stipe’s tenure as frontman and lyricist for R.E.M. certainly revealed a literate mind. A former art major at the University of Georgia and current art teacher at NYU, his best lyrics scan well as poetry.  One can imagine being invited over for a dinner party to Mr.


Pres. Obama Releases a Free Playlist of 40 Songs for a Summer Day (Plus 6 Books on His Summer Reading List)

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Like much of the rest of the country, President Obama is getting some downtime in August — in his case spending 16 days in Martha’s Vineyard. From that nice getaway spot, POTUS has launched on Spotify (download the free software here) two playlists of music — 20 songs for a hot summer day, and another 20 for a nice summer evening.


Brian Eno Lists 20 Books for Rebuilding Civilization & 59 Books For Building Your Intellectual World

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Artist and music producer Brian Eno wrote one of my very favorite books: A Year with Swollen Appendices, which takes the form of his personal diary of the year 1995 with essayistic chapters (the “swollen appendices”) on topics like “edge culture,” generative music, new ways of singing, pretension, CD-ROMs (a relevant topic back then), an


Kurt Vonnegut Maps Out the Universal Shapes of Our Favorite Stories

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Imagine a hat. Flip it upside down, and you’ve got yourself the outline of a story the public will never weary of, according to author Kurt Vonnegut, who maps it on out a chalkboard in the video above.
His Y-axis charts a range between good and ill fortune.


Read Online Haruki Murakami’s New Essay on How a Baseball Game Launched His Writing Career

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For years, it was hard to come across Hear the Wind Sing and Pinball 1973, Haruki Murakami’s first and second novels, unless one wanted to pony up something between $250 and $400 at Amazon for their Kodansha English editions.


School Teachers Turn Old Lockers Into Literary Works of Art

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At Biloxi Junior High School, the teachers are spending their summer pretty productively. They’re taking an entire hallway lined with dull green (currently unused) lockers and they’re repainting each and everyone of them — 189 in total.


10 Rules for Writers by Etgar Keret, the Israeli Master of the Short and Strange

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Etgar Keret, above, is a best selling author and award-winning filmmaker with the soul of a teenage zine publisher. He’s a master of the strange and short who plays by his own rules.


Read the First Chapter of Harper Lee’s New Book, Then Hear It Read by Reese Witherspoon

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After much press and debate, Harper Lee’s new novel — a sequel of sorts to her beloved book, To Kill a Mockingbird — will be released on July 14th. You can pre-order Go Set a Watchman: A Novel (already #1 on Amazon’s bestseller list).


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