Watch Tears In the Rain: A Blade Runner Short Film–A New, Unofficial Prequel to the Ridley Scott Film

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Christopher Grant Harvey spent the better part of five years making Tears In The Rain: A Blade Runner Short Film. Unwilling to settle for something merely average, Harvey labored away, especially in post-production, “trying to get the perfect original visual effects and [a] fitting score to bring the story to life.


Blade Runner Gets Re-Created, Shot for Shot, Using Only Microsoft Paint

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Blade Runner came out in June 1982. Microsoft’s Paint came out in November 1985. Little could the designers of that rebranded version of ZSoft’s PC Paintbrush packaged in with Windows 1.0 know that the paths of their humble graphics application and that elaborate sci-fi cinematic vision would cross just over 30 years later.


British Advertisers Predict in 1935 What the World Will Look Like in 2500: Wireless TV, Atomic Cars & More

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Back before the public came to terms with the grim causal relationship between cigarettes and cancer, smoking was a jolly affair, whose pleasures extended well beyond the physical act.
Smoking was sociable.


How to Recognize a Dystopia: Watch an Animated Introduction to Dystopian Fiction

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Literature and film can open up to the depth and immensity of social truths we find profoundly difficult, if not impossible, to articulate.


When Akira Kurosawa Watched Solaris with Andrei Tarkovsky: I Was “Very Happy to Find Myself Living on Earth”

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Image of Kurosawa and Tarkovsky via NPR
Though Akira Kurosawa and Andrei Tarkovsky occupy the same plane in the pantheon of auteurs — the highest one — neither their lives nor their films had much obviously in common.


The 14-Hour Epic Film, Dune, That Alejandro Jodorowsky, Pink Floyd, Salvador Dalí, Moebius, Orson Welles & Mick Jagger Never Made

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Frank Herbert, David Lynch, and Alejandro Jodorowsky surely all rank among the most imaginative creators of the second half of the twentieth century.


What Happens When Blade Runner & A Scanner Darkly Get Remade with an Artificial Neural Network

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Philip K. Dick, titling the 1968 novel that would provide the basis for Blade Runner, asked whether androids dream of electric sheep.


Hear J.G. Ballard Stories Adapted as Surreal Soundscapes That Put You Inside the Heads of His Characters

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Image by Thierry Erhmann via Wikimedia Commons
“This enormous novel we’re living inside thrives on sensation,” J.G. Ballard once said. “It needs sensation to sustain itself.


Isaac Asimov Laments the “Cult of Ignorance” in the United States: A Short, Scathing Essay from 1980

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Painting of Asimov on his throne by Rowena Morill, via Wikimedia Commons
In 1980, scientist and writer Isaac Asimov argued in an essay that “there is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been.


H.G. Wells Pans Fritz Lang’s Metropolis in a 1927 Movie Review: It’s “the Silliest Film”

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When we watch Fritz Lang’s Metropolis now, we see an aesthetically daring landmark work of science-fiction cinema. When H.G. Wells watched Metropolis back in 1927, the year of its release, he saw something very different indeed.


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